Ginsberg, Allen. Plutonian Ode

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np: Privately Printed, 1978.  True first edition, 400 copies only.

In 1978, Allen Ginsberg, along with Peter Orlovsky and Daniel Ellsberg, were arrested for meditating in the path of an approaching train that was carrying radioactive detritus away from the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, 25 miles northwest of Denver. Ginsberg had been up until dawn on the day of his arrest composing Plutonian Ode, a six-page jeremiad on the "most deadly substance in the world." This edition of that poem was published later that year and was reportedly limited to 400 copies (Morgan A40). Precedes the City Lights edition by four years, distributed for free for the Rocky Flats Protest Benefit. Four loose sheets laid in to a folded sheet of the same stock paper. Printed in calligraphy by an unknown hand.

A near fine copy with slight edgewear.