Joy, Charles R. & Arnold, Melvin (Albert & Helene Schweitzer). The Africa of Albert Schweitzer

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New York / Boston: Harper & Brothers / The Beacon Press, 1948.  First edition.

Signed by both Albert Schweitzer and his wife Helene.  Books signed by Albert alone are uncommon; books signed by both Albert and Helene are scarce indeed.

While Albert received many of the accolades, including winning the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize for his "reverence for life" philosophy, Helene’s biographer noted that she edited and proofread a number of Schweitzer’s books in multiple fields as they worked together to realize their shared dream of devoting their lives to humanity. Together in 1913, Albert and Helene Schweitzer founded what is now the longest-running hospital established by Europeans in Africa, the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in current-day Gabon. With her quiet strength, clear sense of purpose, independent spirit, and wide range of skills and talents, Helene was a model for many other women who later served the Schweitzer Hospital.

Fine in like dust wrapper, preserved in a custom chemise and quarter leather slipcase.